The Benefits of Doing Yoga Daily

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For decades, people have been using yoga to help enhance their physical and mental health. In this post, we look at some of the benefits of doing yoga daily, and how harnessing the power of yoga for good health can go a long way towards boosting your overall physical and mental well-being.  

Sedentary Lifestyles, and the need for Everyday Yoga 

With the explosion of the internet economy, sedentary jobs have become increasingly common for most working professionals. According to research by the WHO, around 60% to 85% of people in the world, both in developing and developed countries, lead a sedentary lifestyle. And with the onset of the coronavirus pandemic and Working From Home becoming the new norm, this number is no doubt due to rise even further in the near future.

It’s well known that a sedentary lifestyle can be detrimental to physical and mental well-being over a period of time. Studies have found that sitting for more than 10 hours a day can greatly increase the risk of cardiovascular disease, while also giving rise to a host of other health problems.

Given that so many of us are confined to our homes for the foreseeable future, it’s become more important than ever to ensure we get enough physical activity, to stay active, and keep these problems at bay.


Why people choose yoga for good health

With access to most gyms and health clubs still severely limited by Covid in 2020, yoga became a very popular addition to a lot of people’s fitness routines – and it’s easy to see why. For one thing, it’s extremely convenient! Other than a mat and your own body, you don’t need any other equipment to attend a yoga class.

Furthermore, scientific research, conducted over a number of years, has long-since helped to highlight the wide range of health benefits of yoga – both physiological as well as psychological.

The wide ranges of postures and different varieties of yoga also present a number of different options. For instance, people who suffer from chronic ailments may not be able to engage in heavy aerobic exercises on a regular basis. In that situation, everyday yoga provides an excellent alternative to help them say fit and active, without risking injury.  


The different Benefits of doing Yoga Daily

The health benefits of yoga have been well-documented, particularly in recent times, and research has shown that it can have a wide range of advantages, as part of a regular wellness routine.


Everyday Yoga energizes the body

One of the most significant benefits of yoga is how it helps to energize the body. This is especially relevant in the modern age, particularly for people who sit at a desk for most of the day. Studies have shown that constant exposure to blue light from screens can have a fatiguing effect on the body and mind, leading to a sensation of laziness. Being in a seated position all day can also lead to the weakening of different muscles in the body, due to a lack of regular use. 

Studies have shown that benefits of doing yoga daily, particularly certain “power” poses, can go a long way towards helping to shake off feelings of lethargy by exercising key muscles, while also boosting feelings of control and self-esteem.


Improving Flexibility and Balance

Yoga can also have a measurable effect on our overall flexibility and balance. A 10-week study conducted on college athletes found that even bi-weekly yoga sessions showed significant improvements in flexibility and balance in key muscle areas such as the knees, hips and shoulders. Researchers believe that the positive impact on these particular characteristics can in turn enhance athletic performance.

However, the importance of these physical benefits of yoga is not limited to athletes. Poor core strength can have a knock-on effect on a number of different areas of the body, such as our posture, our basic mobility, and even basic bending and twisting motions. Everyday yoga practice can help to boost core strength, and help you prevent common aches and pains from cropping up when you least expect them.


Physical Benefits of Yoga: Better blood circulation

Sedentary lifestyles and desk jobs can have a number of detrimental effects on the body. Insufficient movement leads to our heart rate and blood flow slowing down, which in turn can cause the tendons and ligaments to stiffen. Certain everyday yoga postures help to improve blood circulation and enhance its supply to different key muscles and tissues in the body. Another reason people may be encouraged to focus on yoga for good health, is the positive impact it can have on the levels of haemoglobin in the red blood cells. 

Furthermore, yoga can also act as a natural blood thinner, preventing the formation of clots, and thus lowering the risk of heart attack and stroke. This is also especially beneficial for people who may be liable to developing hypertension, and it can provide them with a natural way to limit that susceptibility.


Health benefits of yoga: both Physical and Mental

While its physical advantages are well documented, one of the major benefits of doing yoga daily, that is often overlooked, is the positive effect it can have on our mental wellness. With the highly chaotic times we live in, compounded further by effects of the pandemic, poor sleep patterns, high levels of stress and anxiety, and broader mental health conditions are becoming alarmingly common, particularly among younger people.  

This is where we are able to witness not just the physical benefits of yoga, but its mental advantages as well. Research has shown that regular practice of yoga can help combat the effects of insomnia, stress, and anxiety, helping to provide people with a greater sense of stability and balance in both body and mind.


At the end of the day, the wide range of benefits of doing yoga daily can provide anyone with an extremely effective and holistic tool to improve their overall physical and mental well-being. The positive impact it can have is well documented, and this is translating into a tremendous recent resurgence in popularity. If you’re someone who’s stuck at the desk for most of your day, it’s very important to find ways to stay active, to benefit both your mental and physical well-being. And yoga is an excellent place to start!


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