Weight Management

Pankaj Chaddah


April 10

Small changes to daiky lifestyle - 3/4 - Timing what you eat!

Here's two tips on meal timings based on what I've read: - Eat dinner early, the more activity you are able to do between dinner and sleep, the lighter and more energetic you will feel the next day - Increase the longest meal gap to a sustainable level. People extend meal gaps to 16hrs or even more. But I've read that anywhere between 12 to 14hrs of meal gap helps give Digestive system the desired rest. If you get to 14hrs, it's claimed that body starts to consume damaged cells - autophagy. But I'm not very confident. Read up yourself!!! - Eat less carbs at night. It's very tough with an Indian meal, but yeah, try and even a small reduction will help. Try to finish a tikka, soup or salad a few min before your carbs intake so that you have less hunger to satisfy with the carb-rich meal.

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