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April 06

Day 5- April challenge - walk with the moon

Go out in the moonlight enjoy the breeze and walk for 20mins after your dinner. You can even have dinner in the balcony or on terrace or may be take your baby out too. Why gazing at the moon is important, it quickly makes us feel relaxed and happy, make the life problems feel small when we look the the sky and the moon. Enjoy the evening with the moon!! Also do the daily challenge- * Sun soaking 10-15mins * Water 3ltrs * Eat fruits * Sleep guided meditation - afternoon naps * Humming bee before going to sleep - 5times Have a wonderful day ahead!! @Reshma @Vidya @Rinkal Shrivastav @Sumedha G @Pallavi Saha @Jyoti @Khushbu @Abhinaya @Janaki @Mayuri Bansal @Abhilasha @Priya

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