Postnatal Health

Malvika Subramaniam


January 06

Baby and sleep routine

Some days/nights are just sooo difficult!! Please help with some ideas on how can I get better sleep when I want to sleep!!

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Asmita Saha

Shyft Nutritionist

Hi Malvika. Here are some tips you can include in your lifestyle to improve your sleep - 📍Sleep on time,choose a specific time daily for sleep 📍Turn off all your gadgets 1 hour before bed 📍Create a proper night time routine to wind down properly 📍Skip drinking from excess water,tea & coffee too close to bed 📍Take a light dinner 2-4 hours before bed 📍Practice mindfulness before bed; reading a book, listening to calming music, practicing meditation can help 📍Some stretching can also help removing tension from the body. Refrain from heavy workouts too close to bed. 📍 Taking warm baths before bed helps too. 📍 Refrain from taking longer naps during the day. Hope this helps!

January 27

Nadiya P

Shyft Habit Coach

It is understandable due to frequent wakeup the sleep schedule turns a havoc. Along with the tips mentioned above you could also try and maintain your sleep schedule to match the baby's sleep time or power naps when the baby is asleep.

January 28

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