Postnatal Health

Asmita Saha


Shyft Nutritionist

January 09

Still struggling with back pain long after delivery❓Find out why💡

POV: It's been months since your little one's arrival👩‍🍼, but with all the happiness & new learning some thing is still bothering you.... Back pain, regardless of you having a vaginal or cesarean birth. Let's find out why it's there💡: 📍During labor your body releases relaxin hormone, which helps to relax your joints & ligaments during birth. So any strain on your back during delivery if you've felt it or not, can lead to long term back pain. 📍Excess weight gain during pregnancy can also strain the back muscles during daily activities. 📍Spinal anesthesia commonly known as epidural, which helps in relieving pain during labor & delivery can also lead to pain from the site of injection. 📍Breastfeeding your child in uncomfortable postures for a long time can cause this as well. 📍Carrying your child while doing heavy activities can also be the cause. Was this post helpful? Do let me know in comments⬇️, I'll come back with What can you do to relieve this back pain soon🤗

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