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January 14

What is sleep hygiene?

Sleep hygiene means to have healthy habits, environment & behavioural adjustments done to help you fall asleep.Some seeping problems are caused by erratic sleep timings, too much time spent on gadgets, consuming alcohol or caffeine. Many times you can improve your sleep quality by making a few adjustments to Lifestyle! Obey your body clock- the body's alternating sleep cycle is controlled by the internal clock within the brain. Hormones secretion like melatonin are synchronised to this 24hr physiological clock. Improving the sleep environment - keeping the room dark, use eye mask, start using bedroom for only sleep avoid watching tv, scrolling on phone in bed.keep yourself warm. Avoid consumption of caffeine( coffee, chocolate, tea, a-rated drinks), alcohol before sleep time. Relax your mind before sleeping - humming bee ( brahmari pranayama helps to fall asleep, do this for 5-7 times), practicing PMR, progressive muscle relaxation helps to release stress and sleep well. Check with DR.

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