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Mehul Jain


January 24

Sleep & Sugar Cravings

Can improper sleep lead to increased sugar cravings? What are some things I can do to tackle sugar cravings as a diabetic individual?

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Sakina Hashmi

Shyft Nutritionist

Yes, lack of sleep causes sugar cravings because when the body is not well rested, the energy levels are low and hence the cravings for high caloric foods (fried/sugary) kick in to make up for low energy levels. Also, lack of sleep creates stress in the body which again leads to sugar cravings. Diabetes is a condition where cravings for sugar tend to increase. Here's what you can do. Make sure to have a serving of protein (egg/chicken/fish/dairy and dairy products/dals/pulses) and fiber (veggies /fruits) in each meal. Do not stay hungry for long hours. Lastly, in spite of doing this if you still crave for sugar honour your cravings and instead of feeling guilty (as this will lead to binge eating, remember guilt is not an ingredient 😉) just take each bite slowly and enjoy to the fullest. Just avoid eating sweets on an empty stomach or late at night. The best time to have them is with or immediately after a meal anytime during the day.

January 25

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