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Nadiya P


Shyft Habit Coach

March 05

Hitting the snooze button everyday ? You need to see this !! Are you a person who sets an alarm for a specific time but end up snoozing it again and again then this is for you.

Q:Why do we actually do this ? A: Because we love the feeling to go back to sleep but does doing this on a regular basis is going to be good or bad? In brief: 1)Just before you hit that snooze button the brain has already stopped the secretion of melatonin and increased adrenaline, cortisol and serotonin, by hitting snooze multiple times these hormones mix up leading to irritation or agitation post waking up. 2) Sleep drunkenness: this is a condition of confused sleep as a result making us feel difficulty to focus and intervene with our decision making power. 3)Immediately after we wake up ghrelin hormone is released which is responsible for making you hungry, by hitting snooze we are disturbing it as a result indulging in uncontrolled eating pattern. 4)Brain signals the digestive system to relax by constantly sleeping back, the organs get confused with the signals leading to constipation leading to weight gain as well. ⏱️❌🙇

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