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March 29

Sciatica pain relief! Try these beginners pose.

1. Shoelace Pose >Elevate the spine by placing a cushion under the hip. > Forward fold within body’s limit BENEFITS- ⭐️Externally rotation to hip increases hip mobility ⭐️Decompresses lower back. ⭐️Stretches groin and hamstring 2.Cobra pose >Get into sphinx pose by placing the forearm on the mat. >Lift until your chest or your navel. BENEFITS- ⭐️Strengthens lower back ⭐️Realign the lumbar arch, reducing the sciatic nerve irritation. 3. Figure 4 Stretch > Use a strap or a belt to grab hold of thigh. > Press the leg to chest within body’s limit. BENEFITS- ⭐️Stretches the piriformis muscle ⭐️Targets the gluteus medius, muscle that aid in hip movement Try these poses using the modifications if you are experiencing sciatica pain.

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