Why we made the Shyft

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While we started “Mindhouse” with a focus on mental wellness (as the name suggests), over the last year we’ve become a leading provider of curative wellness solutions for a large number of health conditions. Our shift  away from mental wellness started as a large number of customers approached us for wellness solutions targeted towards their specific health conditions. Over time, we realized the role and importance of lifestyle management for chronic health conditions & how underserved the market is; and we decided to do something about it!

As we work to create a much broader global wellness platform, we are making this “Shyft” in our brand name, to reflect the scope of our services, helping customers in reversal, remission, and management of their health conditions.

With Shyft, you will be able to enroll into our programs to reverse and manage your specific  health conditions. You will get access to a caregiver who will guide you across our range of services spanning Nutrition, Yoga, Counseling, Meditation, Aerobics, Lamaze, and create a personalized program for you. Your symptoms and corresponding readings will be tracked regularly (or real time!) with our technology and will result in continuous iterations and personalization to your program.  

With wearables & latest health-tech combined with well researched and recognized programs, you will be able to access the most credible wellness services for your health condition. So, if you are suffering from PCOS, Hypertension, Diabetes, Thyroid, Digestive issues, or need Natal care – you no longer have to avoid exercise, or struggle to find the right food to eat. You will not just know what you can do, you will know what you should do, to reverse or manage your condition.

Over 10,000 customers suffering from various health conditions have already enrolled in our Yoga & Nutrition programs. For us, the most prominent category has been that of women’s health – over 70% of these customers have enrolled in our programs for PCOS/D, or for Natal care. Our customers have at least 3 live sessions with our coaches every week, and form a close knit community engaged to Shyft their health for a better tomorrow! 

Having helped 10,000 customers make a Shyft in their health already, we are looking to cross the 100k mark in the next few months! So, join us and be the Shyft 😇