Meditation for Migraine

  • Interactive sessions conducted over Zoom
    • Small groups for a more personalized setting
    • 45-min to 1-hour sessions
    • Customizable schedules, with time slots from 6:30am to 8:30pm
  • Expert guidance
    • Best-in-class instructors

You will also get free access to the Mindhouse app for the duration of the program, to help you practice on your own!

Price: $120 for 12 classes


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Once you sign up for the Meditation class for Migraines, our trainers will call you for a free consultation, to help you customize your classes, and pick the timings for your weekly sessions – multiple slots are available each day.

Disturbances in the circulatory system can be one of the causes for migraines. Simple yoga postures help enhance and restore balance to cardiac function, lowering the likelihood of a migraine, while also improving blood circulation within the body, and to the brain.

Sessions combine basic sequences of postures, with breathing exercises and high-awareness relaxation techniques to help calm the body and mind, and stabilize and bolster the autonomic nervous system.

High levels of stress can also act as a migraine trigger for many people. Guided meditation techniques like Visualization and Breathwork help to lower levels of cortisol (a stress hormone) in the body, and alleviate levels of stress and anxiety.

This program is designed to help people work towards building a long-term yoga habit, which can ultimately help significantly lower the frequency and severity of migraines.


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