Yoga class for thyroid – Exercises for thyroid relief

Yoga for Thyroid

  • Interactive sessions conducted over Zoom
    • Small groups for a more personalized setting
    • 45-min to 1-hour sessions
    • Customizable schedules, with time slots from 6:30am to 8:30pm
  • Expert guidance
    • Best-in-class instructors

You will also get free access to the Mindhouse app for the duration of the program, to help you practice on your own!

Price: $120 for 12 classes


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Once you sign up for the Yoga class for Thyroid Conditions, our trainers will call you for a free consultation, to help you customize your classes, and pick the timings for your weekly sessions – multiple slots are available each day.

Sessions in this program use curated sequences of yoga poses to ease the various symptoms of thyroid problems, by helping to restore the hormonal balance in the body.

Inversion postures and stretches practiced in this program compress the neck, and increase blood flow to the throat, helping to nourish and stimulate the thyroid gland. Different asanas can also improve the function of the thyroid, parathyroid, and pituitary glands, helping to enhance the endocrine system overall. Yoga also has a positive effect on cholesterol, and research has found that it can improve serum TSH (thyroid-stimulating hormone) levels in the body as well. The yoga postures in this program also engage your core, strengthening the shoulders, back, and hips.

High stress levels can be a precipitating cause of endocrine conditions such as hyperthyroidism. Simple guided meditations can help to enhance mental well-being, and reduce levels of stress and anxiety, thus boosting overall endocrine function in the body.


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