Are CVs really enough to evaluate an applicant?

Pankaj Chaddah 3 minute read

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As is evident from the recent flurry of our LinkedIn posts, we’ve been aggressively hiring at Mindhouse for the last few weeks, to build a world class sales team. 


One of the best places to scout is the pool of smart and young talent graduating this year, which is what we did. But, we didn’t want to run into a problem of plenty and end up restricting the colleges we scout. Instead, we wanted to identify interesting, culturally fit candidates, at as many campuses as possible. We’re an early stage startup with a team of just 45-50 folks today, and therefore culture-fit is one of the most important criteria for us. Judging this fit without being able to meet applicants is tough. 


We thought about the usual methods of shortlisting candidates – reviewing resumes, getting applicants to take aptitude tests, etc. But the truth is, that there is no way an aptitude test or a CV can tell you how good an applicant will be with the gift of the gab, and how culturally fit they will be! And so, we decided to not look at anyone’s CV. 

(We’re not questioning the education system, but it’s just that standardized exams usually don’t measure applicants for the jobs that we’re hiring for)


We received thousands of applications, and so we adopted a simple, yet deeper approach to really understand every applicant. Here is what our application form looks like!

Application Form 1

The cover image on top was actually just a default suggestion from Google’s theme pictures for the form 🙂 . We liked the picture and thought, let’s see what people have to say!


Answers to these questions tell us why people want to work with us, how good their communication is, how they think about things, and overall – do we want to talk to them! The cherry on top – there is absolutely no “Right Answer” to any of these questions, so you can’t really “prep”. 


Well, we’ll know whether this form worked effectively in the next 2 months, as the applicants we hired join us. But the early signs are awesome, and we’re excited!


Sharing some interesting replies we got to our questions. First, some critique on the application process itself:

  • “Wow, when you said that some questions might piss you off, I did not think you were serious.”
  • “Thank you for making the effort to really get to know me. You’re right – this is the correct way to evaluate!”
  • “I didn’t know why I wanted to apply, but then I heard about this form and decided to apply.” 

…and some inspiring thoughts on the cover image 😛 :

  • “Dualism – Yin and Yang. The Sky and the Earth are interdependent, despite being completely opposite.”
  • “That the earth is definitely not flat!”
  • “This picture means the WORLD to me.”
  • “No idea!” (takes courage to write this in a job application)


Now that you’ve made it till here, we hope you liked our approach. If you have any thoughts or ideas for us – do share!

More importantly, if you’d like to work with us, or know someone who would, write to us at! If you are a fresh grad, and are looking for a challenging sales role – you can just fill out our application form here, and we will call you if we like your answers 🙂


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