Focus. Patience.

  • Intermediate level course
  • Guided course by trained experts
  • Class duration: 45 min
  • Position: Sitting
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This intermediate level class is designed for those who want to deepen their meditation practice. It uses the advanced technique of Loving Kindness meditation, which helps to improve focus and patience.

In this class, we train the mind to evoke a feeling of love and affection – this feeling is directed towards yourself, and then towards one person of your choice. The aim is to make this positive feeling the dominant emotion in our mind. This helps to slow down the mind’s activity, and uncover the joy and happiness that lies within each one of us.

Regular practice of this class teaches you how mental proliferation dictates the quality of your life. You will discover how meditation can become an integral part of your life, and how you can constantly learn to purify and retrain the mind.


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