Focus. Patience.

  • Intermediate level course
  • Guided course by trained experts
  • Check with your doctor before attending if you have acute depression
  • Class duration: 45 min
  • Position: Sitting
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The intermediate level Silent Meditation class is meant for those who want to deepen their meditation practice. It uses an advanced mindfulness technique, which takes you on a journey from a ceaseless, chattering mind, to a state of serenity. This helps improve your focus, increase awareness, and build patience.

This is a guided class, where the instructor will lead you into a relaxed state, and once the mind is calm, guide you to observe your thoughts. Silent Meditation involves transforming and controlling thought processes through self-awareness and mindfulness. You will observe your thoughts closely, by reducing the mental chatter layer by layer, and by becoming aware of external sensory perceptions.

With sustained practice, you will learn to observe the very core of your mind and thought process, train your mind to be more focused, and increase awareness, leading to better decision making. We also recommend finishing at least 15 Musical Mindfulness sessions before attending this class.


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