Start your Wellness Journey by Practicing True Mindfulness

Dhruv Prakash 3 minute read

In Meditation, Mental Health


When was the last time you took a few minutes, to do absolutely nothing? When you dwelt only in the present moment, with your own thoughts – practicing true mindfulness. With the frenetic, mile-a-minute pace of modern life, the very idea of doing nothing can sound absurd to most of us. At any given moment, we’re either thinking about something that happened earlier in the day, or planning for what’s coming next. So rarely, if ever, do we take the time to be truly present, in the present.

Our digitized world has also manufactured a never-ending stream of distractions and escapes – and we’ve all been guilty of relying heavily on them at one time or another. We immerse ourselves in our work, often revelling in the avalanche of emails, WhatsApp messages, and app notifications. Or we stare at our social media feeds, scrolling endlessly, eagerly waiting for the next enticing bit of content that lies below the fold.

At a time where things are overwhelming enough already, maybe it’s time we tried to make things a bit easier on ourselves. Truth be told, we need it now, more than ever.

Sometimes, it helps to step away from it all. To remove yourself from your relentless, daily stream of consciousness. It’s never a bad time to start focusing on improving your mental health. We live in an age where there’s a greater focus on the importance of mental wellness than ever before – and this is unquestionably for the better. 

This World Mindfulness Day seems like the perfect time for us all to start being a little more mindful of our Mental Health. To focus on ourselves for a bit, rather than the world around us. To work towards strengthening and calming our minds a little more each day.

Start paying more attention to the little things that make our lives better. If you need a break, please take it. If you need help, please ask for it. Take a few minutes to meditate. Listen to your favourite song. Talk to your favourite person. Or simply take a few minutes to do absolutely nothing. Find all the things that bring you peace and happiness, and embrace them as often as you can. Let everything you do help nourish and nurture your mind that little bit more, as you slowly make your way forward on your mental wellness journey.

If you’re wondering how (or where) this journey can begin, allow us to help, with this very simple exercise: Find a comfortable spot. It could be on a chair, on your bed, or even on the ground. Close your eyes, and take a deep breath. And another. And then another. Empty your mind of everything that happened this morning, and ignore the call of your to-do list. Focus on nothing but your breath, as it slowly enters and leaves your body. Try your best to keep your mind firmly in the present – and forget everything else.

Try and find just 10 minutes in your day to do this. And if, by the end of it, you’re feeling even a tiny bit better, you’re well on your way!



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