General Wellness

Vinay Venkatesh


Shyft Yoga Trainer

March 31

Be like a warrior💪🏻

This asana strengthens your body’s quads, adductors of the inner thighs, hamstrings and core muscles, as well as your arms, shoulders, hips, and glutes. It also stretches your hips and groin. This warrior promotes strength, endurance, and stability. With practice, this asana will develop the courage and power to stare down your battles with ease and grace. It will also allow you to see your challenges clearly with discernment. @Ciby, @Bhanwari Mistry, @Nikita Deshpande, @Mrunalini Prasad, @Neha, @Sandhya, @rimsha hazda, all did great :) ❤

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