Gut Health

Shilpa Francis


Shyft Yoga Trainer

March 31

Dealing with Gut related issues...

What causes bloating 🤔?? 🌸 When the Agni is low, body is unable to digest food properly and can lead to Bloating. 🌸 When the elimination of the waste is incomplete, one may experience constipation and leads to bloating. 🌸 Combining wrong food items. 🌸 Having too much of processed food that has low fibre content. 🌸 Having too much of Raw food when the digestive fire is low also causes discomfort. Here are some of the postures that leads to healthy digestion. @Rashmi Rathore @Shambhavi @Akansha @Nisha @Sharon Nicholls @Komal

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I just love the corpse pose 😁

May 19

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