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March 31

Fibre intake

A good Fibre intake helps you to ➡️Normalizes bowel movements ➡️Lower cholesterol levels ➡️Control s the Blood sugar levels ➡️Aids in achieving healthy weight I had this apple🍎 to improve the fibre intake plus various benefits of apple itself What was your food for fibre intake? Was it cucumber🥒/ carrots🥕 or any other fruit🍉? Share the pics of your fibre intake and tag me😊 Let's build up this habbit together! 🤝 @Rekha krishnamurthy @Marina @Piali @Aatiya Shaikh @Purvi Bhave @Sonam Saraswat @Surbhi @Aishwarya Sahay @Heer @Biswabharati Sahoo @Amreeta @Sana @Rashmi @Snehal @Subharekha

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