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Nitisha Rajpal


Shyft Yoga Trainer

April 06

YOGA- An act of self-care and self-love

Having self-love involves having an appreciation and respect for yourself. That includes taking care of your physical and mental health. Self-love should be a daily activity in which you check in with yourself and treat yourself the way we treat loved ones. Beginning your day with yoga in the morning is an act of self-care and self-love. Keep practicing 🌸 @Swati Jain @Mala Badlani @Padma @Nisha @Pallavi Saxena @Nilasree @Babita Das @Navendu @Anirban Ghosh @Mayank Kaushik @sweena baja @Sonia Pinto @Ranjani @Devika Raveendran @sujata @Isha Mathur

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Swati Jain

Another pearl of wisdom from your treasure trove 🎁

April 07

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