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April 06

A very common and every day practice, COBRA POSE

Let’s understand some muscles that are used to do this pose and what is the correct way of doing it. Pectoral and chest muscles: These help you move your shoulders. Pyramidalis: This small, triangle-shaped muscle in your lower pelvis helps maintain proper internal pressure. Rectus abdominis: These are the muscles that people refer to when someone has a “six pack.” They stretch vertically from your ribs to the front of your pelvis to help keep your organs in place. Transversus abdominis: This pair of deep, flat muscles stabilizes your core. External obliques: This pair of muscles on either side of the rectus abdominis allows you to twist your body from side to side. Internal obliques: These muscles sit on top of the external obliques and also work to allow you to twist your body. Trapezius muscles: These large, triangular muscles form a diamond shape from the base of your neck across to your shoulders. They help with movement, raising your arms, and maintaining good posture.

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Vikas Bamel

I too need this, will start practicing it.

April 09

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