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April 12

Healthy Lunch

#postyourplate @challengemaster Hello guys👋 Let's do this healthy meal practice for next seven days from 12th to 18th April. 🍴Post the pics of your meals ( breakfast, lunch dinner)and tag @Challenge Master plus #showyourplate 🍽️ You can make it more attractive and descriptive by sharing how it's healthy and what it has 🍲It's going to build up a healthy eating habbit for next seven days 🔊 You can get extra points for sharing the post on Instagram with #showusyourplate and tag @shyfthealth 🧑‍🍳And you might explore your creative ideas of being a chef or being a food blogger😋 And ofcourse if you win the challenge, you will win gift hamper🎁 ( a healthy one) and one month free nutrition pack🎉 I am sharing my lunch for today which is having 🍲Rajma and curd with rice to complete the protein, carb and fat intake 🥗And for fibre intake adding beetroot, cucumber and aamla slices and I love chillies🌶️ so added few😁

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