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Asmita Saha


Shyft Nutritionist

January 06

Are you sleeping well ? 💤👍

Post covid most of our sleep cycles have been affected pretty badly. Let's see What are some effects/symptoms of sleep deprivation: 😴MEMORY ISSUES Less sleep affects both short & long term memory 😴MOOD CHANGES Also causes moodiness, crankiness, loss of temper etc. 😴TROUBLE WITH THINKING & CONCENTRATION Without enough rest the ability to concentrate & solve problems reduces quite a lot 😴WEAKENED IMMUNITY Less sleep weakens immunity & makes you more prone to catch a cold, flu etc. 😴HIGH BLOOD PRESSURE <5 hours of sleep at night significantly increases BP 😴RISK OF DIABETES Lack of sleep interferes with insulin production 😴RISK OF HEART DISEASE Less sleep increases BP & inflammation 😴WEIGHT GAIN Less sleep lowers metabolism causing weight gain 😴POOR SEX-DRIVE Pretty self explanatory, mostly seen in men due to low testosterone levels 😴DIFFICULTY BALANCING Less sleep also affects your balancing & coordination 😴FREQUENT ACCIDENTS Feeling drowsy can cause more accidents

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