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Ankush Gupta


January 07

Sugar related

I am totally off sugar, i only eat jaggery because it's healthy right?

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Jaggery has iron but it has all the calories of sugar, and it has a higher glycemic index than the refined sugar itself, it may be slightly healthier than sugar but that doesn't make it a healthy alternative

January 07

Ankush Gupta

Thanks Prachi

January 07


Both have equal amount of calories.

January 07

Sonali Sachdeva

Chief Nutritionist at Shyft

Hi Ankush. All forms of added sugar like refined sugar, jaggery & even honey have similar calorific value. Instead, natural sugar in the form of dates, raisins or even dry figs is a great addition ensuring you get healthy carbs in your diet !!

January 07

Parul Khullar

So right

January 09

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