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Asmita Saha


Shyft Nutritionist

January 10

How to get relief from back pain after delivery 📃 (continuation post)

POV: You're tired of taking care of your little one & family & over that the BACK PAIN never leaves... I might not be able to help with the first two🫂, but for the back pain I have some solutions 💡: 👩‍🍼Try improving your posture while breastfeeding. Sit upright & keep a back support while feeding. 🧎‍♀️Try not to bend abruptly while carrying the baby or doing something heavy. Ask for help🆘 🧘‍♀️Do some gentle stretching & yoga (yoga experts please come through with your expertise 🙌). 💦Take a hot shower or use hot pads on the back. Go for hot oil massages for your back. 💆‍♀️And most importantly rest well, whenever you feel the pain is coming back try to sit back & relax before continuing your chores. 💊If nothing is working, our last resort is pain medication & a doctors consultation (you might be in need of some nutrient supplements). Hope this post was helpful! Any more questions? Please reach out to me in the comments. ⬇️

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Kritika Bhalla


January 11

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