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January 10

Spinal movements and it's importance!

TRANSVERSE PLANE with respect to spinal movement. Possible movements are rotation and twist. PHYSICAL BENEFITS -When you move your body in rotation by twisting the ribs, this strengthens the obliques on one side, while stretching out the other side. Increases the spinal range of motion that means more space to move! Rotation improves your posture too! If the ribs don’t have flexibility and strength, the low back will take on excessive amounts of load and the shoulders and other joints will take over. To avoid this, rotation and twist simply gives room for the spine to elongate and stand up taller with less pain and fatigue. Twistings will cut off blood supply to your digestive organs and then re-introduce fresh blood to your abdominal organs when you release your twist which helps to detoxify the cells of any built up waste. PSYCHOLOGICAL BENEFITS-Stored tension in the body releases which has a positive impact on the mental state if practiced with slow and rhythmic breathing.

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