Managing Thyroid

Asmita Saha


Shyft Nutritionist

January 13

Obesity = Hypothyroidism ❓

The answer is NO ❌ BUT 📍Obesity & hypothyroidism if caused by poor lifestyle choices, can be related through the causes. 📍Hypothyroidism also causes low metabolism, weight gain & higher BMI, which is how obesity can be related to this. 📍Since hypothyroidism is caused by underactive thyroid functions which leads to slow metabolism, fat gain can also occur especially in the belly area. So the bottom line is that, obesity increases the risk of developing hypothyroidism (& vice versa) but doesn't cause it. And losing some unnecessary weight can show significant improvement in thyroid functioning in most cases. But the meme 🤭though, any hell kitchen or kitchen nightmares fans out here?

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