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Asmita Saha


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January 13

Is it just heartburn or heart attack 😰

It's very common to confuse between the signs & symptoms of heartburn induced chest pain & chest pain from a heart attack (or angina). A big percentage of people in India treat their angina; which is a very common symptom of developing heart disease with antacids & ajwain😞 But there are significant differences in both : 📍Heartburn usually starts from the middle of the stomach, then pain moves up to the chest. 📍whereas a heart attack creats tightness, pressure & radiating pain in the chest, than moves to arms, neck, jaw or back. 📍If you burp or pass gas & the pain gets better it can be a gut issue. 📍A heart attack can make you feel dizzy, short of breath, nauseous & the symptoms tends to worsen over time. 📍If you're still confused try taking antacids & if that doesn't help do contact your doctor🆘. Don't be like this grandpa ❌ Was this post helpful? If you have any particular request of posts please do comment ⬇️

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