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Varun Sharma


January 14

Stress and gut troubles😣

Have an important day tomorrow and am feeling very uneasy. Can gut issues worsen due to anxiety?

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Sakina Hashmi

Shyft Nutritionist

Hello Varun! Yes, gut and brain are directly linked and this is the reason why you are feeling uneasy. Here's what you can do. Make a mental note of what is stressing you out and ask if it's a rational fear or an exaggerated one. In case of a rational concern see what you can do and if you think you have taken the necessary steps then just take deep breaths and tell yourself that you are absolutely capable of getting past this day! Also, remember at the end it's you who matters the most and everything else comes later. Make sure to eat something light, do not stay hungry and avoid eating big meals so have fruit/nuts/ curd/ Vegetable sandwich you can also sip on buttermilk or coconut water. Lastly, take a good sleep and keep reassuring yourself that it's all going to be fine!!

January 14

Sonali Sachdeva

Chief Nutritionist at Shyft

Gut is often referred to as the second brain. What you think therefore manifests in your gut & what you eat reflects in how you think. Thus the connection !! On your important day, try eating mindfully. A bowl of yoghurt, rich in good bacteria or a bowl seasonal colorful fruits & veggies can help to control your stress better ....all will work out just great 😊😊

January 15

Vaishali Khanna

Shyft Habit Coach

Our gut and brain is connected to nerve known as vagus nerve, so any sort of anxiety, fear or stress can cause gut issues. Try and follow ways suggested by Sonali and Sakina to combat the same.

January 15

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