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Arshiya Khan


January 16

Are vegetable juices healthy?

Heard thats its better to consume a whole fruit than drinking fruit juice, is it the same for vegetables also or can I drink vegetable juice everyday? Had a carrot and beetroot juice today and it was amazing!

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Asmita Saha

Shyft Nutritionist

Hi Arshiya! Yes you heard right, it's better to have whole fruits than fruit juices & it's the same in case of vegetables & vegetable juices. When we blend fruits or vegetables first of all a lot of fibre is lost in the process. If you're straining the remaining pulp from the mixture then the rest of the fiber & micro nutrients are also removed. Only some sugar & small amounts of micro nutrients are left in the juice. Also if you want to have a glass filled with juice you'll need multiple fruits & vegetables but if you were to take them whole it'd be difficult right?

January 16

Arshiya Khan

Understood, thanks!

January 17

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