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Shreya Kapoor


January 18

Pregnancy related

Me. Every. Single. Night. 😄 poor hubby.. on a serious note, any way to reduce the urge incontinence? Also why it happens in the first place..

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Asmita Saha

Shyft Nutritionist

Hi Shreya! The main reason is because your baby is literally sitting on your bladder. The more the baby grows the uterus grows bigger as well & pushes the bladder. Another reason can be weak pelvic floor muscles , especially if it's not your first baby. Unfortunately there's not much you can do to reduce urination especially at night. But drinking less water from late evening, avoiding tea/coffee in the evening, avoiding other beverages, soups, liquids during the evening can help a bit. Some kegel exercises can help with a weak pelvic floor as well.

January 18

Shreya Kapoor

@Asmita Saha will try. Thanks

January 20

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