Mental Health

Nadiya P


Shyft Habit Coach

December 26, 2022

Training yourself to face an anxious event

Apprehension of a specific thought of an event causes anyone of us to to avoid a social gathering or say the circumstances to face a crowd as a whole. You ain't alone a lot of us face this here are some of the tips that one could use to train and build a habit to face the situation with anxiousness or with lesser anxiety. 1) Identify the trigger factor and spend a 5 mins planning how to approach this situation on your mind. 2) Look for videos of your trigger this enables visual experience of the exposure 3) Breathe and repeat " I can do it" 4) Realising all your trainings and steps you have followed you feel prepared to face the situation Go to the situation explore the exact fear that caused you the layback either with a friend or if you are confident enough to do it yourself. Take it slow, practise and consistency is the key.

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