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Asmita Saha


Shyft Nutritionist

January 22

Is It False Labor(Braxton Hicks) or Real Labor❓How to differentiate ❗

If you're in your 3rd trimester you've definitely felt some false contractions that doesn't last very long neither does it get stronger. The closer you get to your due date these will become more regular, especially during the afternoon or evening especially if you've had an active day! Now this can be a matter of concern for most of the first time parents!😰 So without further ado let's figure out how you can differentiate between these false labor contractions & the real deal 🙊 📍False contractions can start from the 2nd trimester. Real labor usually starts from 37th week onwards except preterm labor. 📍False labor doesn't have a regular pattern, whereas real labor intensifies with time & contractions get closer together. 📍False contractions lasts for 30sec to max 2mins. Real contractions can last 30-70 secs. 📍False contractions feel like squeezing & skin tightening. Real contractions feel like strong cramps that move from front to back. Hopefully this was helpful ‼️

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