Managing Diabetes

Madhav Kumar


January 23

Smoothie recipe

Which is the best smoothie to make if I want to reduce blood sugar level?

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Sakina Hashmi

Shyft Nutritionist

For maintaining blood sugar levels and to avoid any supar spike you can use this formula and make any smoothie. 2 Tbsp rolled oats + 1 cup milk or 1 katori curd + 3-4 nuts (almonds/walnuts etc.) + 1 whole fruit (pick any seasonal banana/apple/chickoo etc.) + 1/2 tsp seeds (pumpkin/ sesame/sunflower etc.) Note - having just this smoothie alone will not help you in reducing blood sugar levels. A holistic approach is needed, consume nutritionally balanced meals regularly and make sure to remain active physically

January 24

Madhav Kumar

@Sakina Hashmi thank you for your patient explanation

January 24

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