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Sridhar Kannan


January 24

Multiple vitamin tablets

I recently found I have a lot of deficiencies. Is it OK to have multiple vitamin tablets? Is it really possible to supplement the same with food going forward?

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Parul Khullar

I'm not a dietician but I think after the age of 25 taking multivitamin become a must. Vitamin d supplement are equally important atleast every fifteen months. Consult a doc for the same

January 26

Abhilasha Sharma

Shyft Nutritionist

Hi Sridhar, it is ok to take supplements for a short span of time in order to replete the nutritional reserve. However, it is definitely possible to obtain all the nutrients from the diet without having to take the supplements in the long run. In either case, discussing it with a nutritionist would be good idea.

January 27

Sonali Sachdeva

Chief Nutritionist at Shyft

Hey Parul. Taking any vitamin should never be related to your age. It should be used if your body requires it. This can be understood based on signs, symptoms or blood reports and diagnosed by a health professional. It's important to remember that an excess of anything in the body can overload your kidneys & create more harm than good !! Take care & NEVER self supplement's not safe 🙂

January 28

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