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Radhe Shyam


January 24

Dairy and fruits mixing

Is it OK to mix dairy product with vegetable? The buzz sometime back was to avoid smoothies that has milk/curd, rather replace with coconut milk. Is that valid?

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Asmita Saha

Shyft Nutritionist

Hi Radhe! As you've said here it was a buzz. Now citrus fruits along with milk in a smoothie can cause curdling which can cause texture disruption & indigestion. Fruit smoothies altogether can be troublesome for some individuals with gut issues. But if you don't have such issues, you can safely consume smoothies, try using fruits which are naturally sweet like- apple, banana, sapota, mangoes etc. & avoid citrus fruits. In vegetables - baby spinach, carrots, beetroot etc. can also be used in smoothies. But then again coconut milk or any other plant milk substitutes can be used as well.

January 24

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