High Blood Pressure

Nadiya P


Shyft Habit Coach

January 29

Tip for Anger Management

Rainbow breathing 🌈🫁 It is another variation of box breathing (inhaling, holding, exhaling and holding for four counts each), but with a creative slant. 🌈 It’s also an alternative for people who struggle to focus their mind. Start by creating your own rainbow picture with markers, colored pencils or paint. If you don’t have one, a printed picture works. 🌈Next, sit comfortably with the rainbow picture on the floor in front of you, place a finger at the left side, and trace your finger along the rainbow while taking a deep breath in through the nose until you reach the middle. 🌈Once you reach the center, exhale, and continue tracing to the end of the rainbow. Deep breathing helps calm down the body by controlling its physiological reactions. The addition of a visual and physical action can help us focus more intently.

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