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Nadiya P


Shyft Habit Coach

January 31

Physical v/s Emotional Hunger

Eating is a fundamental aspect of our life. Yet our relationship with food is often far more complex than just its sustenance of our body. Research shows that not only taste, but even the smell, sight, texture, or sound of food releases the `happiness’ hormone, dopamine, in our Brain🧠. Physical hunger is often gradual and is felt after a healthy and predictable interval. It can be satisfied by eating healthy ☘️ or home-cooked food. Emotional hunger arises as a means to comfort oneself. It often arises suddenly, intensely and induces cravings specifically for salty, fatty, or sweet foods🥯. An emotional eating 🧆theory suggests that our negative emotions may be inducing us to eat because food has the capability to reduce the intensity of those emotions. 🍕🧀🥙🌮🥯 This sheds light on how the root cause of our intense sudden cravings is not actually hunger; it is in fact our body and mind trying to cope with emotions which seem too overwhelming to deal with. Let's begin to identify🤝

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