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Sophie Jacob


February 02

Is soya chunks healthy?

Trying to increase my protein intake, can I consume soya chunks?

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Asmita Saha

Shyft Nutritionist

Hi Sophie! Yes soy chunks are a great source of plant protein, good fats & fibers. You can definitely have them, unless you have an allergy or a hypoactive thyroid or gut issues that gets aggravated because of soy. Just make sure you soak the soy chunks before cooking/eating & discard the water,this helps in removing saponins which are antinutrients that cause gas & bloating.

February 02

Sonali Sachdeva

Chief Nutritionist at Shyft

Also, since you are using the soy as a source of protein, try taking it as a simpler preparation...avoid the sauces & extra salty seasonings

February 03

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