High Blood Pressure

Asmita Saha


Shyft Nutritionist

December 26, 2022

Today's lunch

This is a very typical bengali lunch (veg version). 1. Rice (couldn't finish) 2. Moong dal 3. Papaya cauliflower curry with poppy seeds (posto) 4. Cabbage curry 5. Coriander tomato spicy chutney 6. Plain curd The catch here is the portion of vegetables & the varieties of color in the plate. An ample amount of veg protein to keep you full for longer. Now rice definitely can be swapped with any other high fiber grains. This simple meal here can be a great example for anyone with hypertension or hypercholesterolemia. Also the rice portion can be less for sure. Now if you're struggling with "mother's love" Like me here,just don't finish your rice... Like me😅

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