High Blood Pressure

Asmita Saha


Shyft Nutritionist

February 07

POV : You Just Got A New High Score.... On Your BP Machine~ Let's find out What to do immediately ⬇️

Follow these 10 steps if your suddenly BP shot up high: 📍Try to remember did you take your BP medicine? If not take the medication after consulting with your doctor 📍Sit down & relax , even better lay down 📍Start drinking plain warm water 📍Close your eyes & focus on your breathing 📍If sitting up try taking deep breaths from your core 📍Try reading or listening to calming music 📍Doing a bit of stretching or restorative yoga can also help 📍Try taking a warm bath, stay there for 15-20 minutes 📍If feeling up for it go for a short stroll 📍Taking a small piece of dark chocolate can also help, but this is highly patient specific ‼️Caution- if none of these are working out & symptoms worsen such as - you start experiencing tightness in your chest, pain in your back, difficulty seeing or speaking contact your doctor/nearest healthcare center ASAP! Was this helpful?

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