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Asmita Saha


Shyft Nutritionist

February 20

What is a Phantom Pregnancy 🤰🤔💭

Phantom pregnancy also popularly known as false pregnancy/pseudocyesis is when a person (both gender) believes & experiences pregnancy-like symptoms, without the presence of a foetus. It's very rare & is seen in only 1-6 cases per 22000 birth. 1% of these people can experience false labour as well. What are the causes❓ Psychological causes: Our mind body connection is very strong, for the following reasons your body can produce symptoms to make you believe you are pregnant ⬇️ 🔷Strong desire to get pregnant 🔷Multiple miscarriages 🔷Loss of a child 🔷Infertility 🔷Fear of becoming pregnant 🔷Emotional trauma 🔷Sexual abuse Medical conditions: These following conditions can mimic pregnancy symptoms due to Hormonal changes ⬇️ 🔷Menopause 🔷Uterine tumor/cancer Since there's no physical presence of a foetus doing an ultrasound or urine/blood tests can help patients understand/accept this. Further counseling might be needed. Was this informative? Let me know in the comments 🌟

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