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Pritika Kamal


Shyft Yoga Trainer

February 21

Today's challenge - Twisting Posture

Standing Spinal Twist ( Katichakrasana) Kati = Waist; Chakra= wheel, Circular Rotation; Asana = Posture It gives a nice stretch to the waist and helps in making it more flexible and supple. 🔶Note: Keep your movement slow and graceful, avoid your body with a jerk.You get better benefit when you co-ordinate your movements with the breath. Benifit: ✅ Good for relieving constipation ✅ Strengthens and improves the flexibility of the spine and waist ✅Good for arm and leg muscles ✅Opens up the neck and shoulders and strengthens the abdominal muscles and lower back ✅ Beneficial for those with sedentary or deskbound jobs. I want you @Karan Kaushal @Swinka @Gurpreet Dhami @Manisha @Bhagyashree @Roop Dhindsa @pranavi @aruna sharma @Shobha Verma @shameena to post any twisting posture:) #letsmaketheshyft😊

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