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Pritika Kamal


Shyft Yoga Trainer

February 22

Today's challenge - Core strengthening Posture

Four - limbed staff pose (Chaturanga Dandasana) Chatur - four; Anga - limbs; Danda - staff (here, it refers to the spine of the body); Asana- posture Start with a shorter time frame and gradually increase it. For variation - keep the elbow straight (High plank) Benifit: ✅ This asana strengthens the wrist, arms, and shoulders. ✅ It also helps straighten the spine, and strengthens the back and abdominal muscles. ✅ It helps keep the body aligned, maintaining core stability. ✅ It helps increase stamina. Let's work on our core today✨ Choose your own posture and share it @Mamta Garg @Karan Kaushal @Roop Dhindsa @Manisha @Saurabh Surve @Bhagyasree @abhinash @Avantika Sharma @aruna sharma @Swinka @Babita @Bhupinder Singh @shameena #letsmaketheshyft😊

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