Managing Thyroid

Raveena Mirpuri


Shyft Nutritionist

December 26, 2022

Drinks to Boost Metabolism in Hypothyroidism

Wondering why the glass is empty? That is because there are no drinks that can magically boost your metabolism. However with the right diet you can manage and improve your metabolism by including these drinks in your routine to see the metabolism climb up, but remember consistency is the key !! 1. Jeera water works by debloating, helping in improving digestion 2. Cinnamon water manages blood sugar levels and avoid spike up 3. Saunf water helps reduce gas, improves gut health and detoxifies the body 4. Green tea has a lot of antixodants that help reduce oxidative stress 5. Just plain water, hydrate yourself and make sure you drink plenty of water through the day, it flushes out the toxins, aids in digestion, clears the gut and aids in weight loss too

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