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March 01

It's good to be a child again once a while 😉

Child pose calms the body, mind and spirit and stimulates the pituitary gland- Mastergland.This pose gently stretches the lower back, massages and tones the abdominal organs, and stimulates digestion and elimination. It helps relieve back and neck pain and muscular tension.Mentally, this grounding pose is a great way to let go of worries, rest, relax, and rejuvenate to provide relief from stress, anxiety, and fatigue. Emotionally, this pose is a great way to connect with your inner child and foster a sense of calm, comfort, contentment, and safety. In the pose - @Shambhavi @PT @Deepika @Susmita @Agrim Chatterjee @Renuka @Sai @Dipti @Manisha @Janani @Garima @Haritha Ramachandran @Treeza Sequeira @Geeta Manyal @Richa Sharma @Neelam Baruah @Ishita @Ranjana Mukherjee

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