Mental Health

Nadiya P


Shyft Habit Coach

March 13

Did you know that "Toxic Positivity" is something that's exists?

Toxic positivity is not as oxymoronic as it sounds. When positivity turns a blind eye to all uncomfortable feelings, it becomes toxic.🙇 Whether we are conscious of it or not, all of us have a template of an ideal life imprinted in our heads. This template is usually a bed of roses or a utopian state of affairs. We seek goodness and positivity and forbid ourselves from acknowledging negative emotions. But when it comes to facing negativity, we try to escape. We feel very safe & secure to be dwelling in positivity & anything that makes us "feel-good" instantly. It leads to a complete rejection of negative emotions. We fall prey to a self-created bubble of happiness & protect it from all sorts of people, emotions, situations, objects, or even places that might have the tiniest possibility to pop that bubble.⏳ Staying in this cheery & sparkling state of mind is absolutely important.However, we must understand that feeling & expressing a negative or difficult emotion is equally important.

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