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March 14

Humming bees enjoying the nectar of LIFE !

Bhramari or Humming bee pranayama benefits - -Calms and quiets the mind -Releases cerebral tension -Stimulates the pineal and pituitary glands, supporting their proper functioning -Soothes the deeper nerves -Relieves stress and anxiety -Dissipates anger -Lowers blood pressure as it's improves nitric oxide levels which helps in maintaining the shape of arteries -Bolsters the health of the throat -Strengthens and improves the voice -Supports the healing of bodily tissues -Induces sound sleep. In the pose - @Apeksha @Nilima Makeshwar @Dipti @Haritha Ramachandran @Shweta @Nikhil Pandey @Roopa @Deepika @Poulomi Shee @Karnaki @Garima @Priyanka @Sachin Kumar @Inu phogat @Shipra @Kawal @rasmita @Jyotsna @Sujit @aditi bhatia

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