Managing Thyroid

Nadiya P


Shyft Habit Coach

December 27, 2022

Iron Deficiency and Thyroid

If you have thyroid disease and fatigue, iron deficiency could be to blame.The low thyroid hormone levels of hypothyroidism suppress the activity of bone marrow, the tissue that makes red blood cells. That lowers the production of red blood cells and triggers anemia. Iron deficiency or IDA and thyroid disease often go together. Hypothyroidism can lead to anemia, and iron deficiency can interfere with thyroid function. Iron deficiency without anemia can also cause fatigue in people with thyroid conditions. Treatments: 1. Iron Supplementation 2.Other supplements that can help iron absorption include: Vitamin B6 Vitamin B12 Folic acid Copper Consult an expert for what exactly needs to be supplemented with your diet.

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