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Asmita Saha


Shyft Nutritionist

March 22

Ever Wondered Why Do You End Up Overeating At Night ❓

POV : as the Sun sets your appetite also seems to grow & from the evening onwards you end up eating more junk/heavy food.🤐 There can be multiple reasons for this & fortunately if you're able to conquer those, this late night overeating can be resolved: 🚫You're skipping one or multiple main meals in the morning like - breakfast or lunch 🚫You're taking very small portions of food throughout the day 🚫You're avoiding certain food groups like- dairy, other proteins, grains & other carbs etc. 🚫You're keeping really long gaps between meals & avoiding any snack breaks in between 🚫Your water intake is considerably low 🚫You're sleeping late or you're not sleeping well 🚫You're extensively exercising late in the evening/night 🚫You have a deficit of iron,vit-D/B vitamins etc. 🚫You're stressed or depressed and eating junk is your way of coping If you can relate to anything from here, it's time to change it & say 👋 to binge eating at night. If necessary do consult an expert👩

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